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Alamogordo, New Mexico area attractions and recreation opportunities are abundant. It would take several days to see and do it all. Below are listed just some of the entertainment opportunities in our community and the surrounding area.

Alameda Zoo claims to be the oldest zoo in the southwest. Established in 1898 we are not going to argue the point. Nearly three hundred animals and ninety species on twelve acres. The Zoo was initially created as entertainment for train travelers on stop-overs while their locamotives refueled. The Zoo also has a gift shop and concession stand. Hours of operation - daily 9AM to 5PM. Closed Christmas and New years.
Phone: 575-439-4290
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Founders Park was created to memorialize the many individuals and groups who have made great contributions to Alamogordo's rich history. The park contains three bronze busts of Alamogordo’s founders, as well as eight bas-reliefs reflecting our city's history, and a magnificent mural dedicated to the Hispanic pioneers that settled in the Tularosa Basin in 1862. The park is located on the corner of Tenth Street and White Sands Blvd.
Website: Founders Park

Garden Center of Alamogordo
Garden center is located at the corner of 10th and Oregon in Alamogordo right across the street from the Alamogordo Public Library. It is operated by the Alamogordo Parks and Recreation Department with involvement and planning from "Keep Alamogordo Beautiful" volunteers. The Garden Center may be reserved for special functions and occasions and can be used most anytime as a lovely venue for reading the book you just checked out from the library.

Kids Kingdom
Kids Kingdom Park is located at the corner of Washington and Indian Wells. The park was constructed through a combined community effort. It is the kind of park any kid of any age would enjoy.

Over twenty-five countries have contributed in furnishing content and informational exhibits for this space museum. A visit to the museum includes a very complete tour of the history of space exploration and rocket technology. Many exhibits are interactive and the appeal is broad to all ages. This is actual Rocket Science.

Located about 12 miles south of Alamogordo off of US 54 and Dog Canyon road. Oliver Lee State Park delivers alot more than one would expect. The park has 44 developed campsites, 16 of which have electric service and ten have shelters. Public restrooms and showers are also housed within the park. Hiking, tours, wildlife and rich human history of the region is all here.
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Located on Sacramento Peak, in Sunspot New Mexico. This is a treasure on our state. The drive up to the observatory itself on NM 6563 is a disignated scenic byway. Be prepared for this 32 mile trip to take about an hours time in good weather. When staying in Alamogordo this event will take at least half if not a full day to enjoy it properly. Hours of operation 10AM to 6PM April through October
Phone: 575-434-7190
Website: sunspot

Approximently 30 miles north of Alamogordo off of Hwy 54 is the Three Rivers Petroglyph and Pinic area. It is operated by the Bureau of Land Management and is open year round. Two hiking trails lead visitors to a collection of Petroglyphs left by the Native Americans of the area.

The Alamogordo Toy Train Depot and Museum is located at the North end of Alameda Park on White Sands Blvd. The depot structure itself served as a full size train depot in Corona, New Mexico until 1974 when it was moved to Alamogordo. Now over 100 years old it serves riders of a relaxing two and a half mile miniture train route and houses a fun and interesting train museum. This is definately a "kids of all ages attraction". Hours of operation: Wednesday thru Sunday, noon to 5PM.
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The rich history of the region is carefully preserved in this volunteer maintained museum. A must see for history buffs and those interested in the old west and the settling of one of our nation's newest states. Special items of interest include the 47 star American Flag, a rifle used to shoot down a bootleggers airplane in 1928 and the history of the La Luz Pottery Factory.

Valley of the Fires State Park
Valley of the Fires State Recreation Area is located just just west of Carrizozo, NM on US 380 or about 24 miles north up US 54 from Alamogordo. The recreation area has campsites with water and electric as well as bathrooms and showers. The Valley of the Fires is 125 square miles covered with the Malpais Lava. This flow is considered the newest flow of its type in the continental United States. The recreation area is encircled by a good hiking trail and off trail exploring is allowed in many areas of the park.
Phone: 575-648-2241

Wave like dunes of gypsum cover over 270 square miles of the Chihuahuan Desert. This National Monument is 14 miles outside of Alamogordo and is open year round to visitors. This natural wonder is a popular attraction in the Alamogordo area.

Cloudcroft Light Opera Company was organized to provide entertainment for the local visitors to Cloudcroft and Alamogordo. The company has been successful enough to use earnings to provide scholarships for the local high school graduates and monetary help during the year to selected events for the enjoyment and education of our young adults.